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Bali Honey, Indonesian honey and bee products with international quality standards certified ISO 9001:2015 and HALAL MUI. Honey directly from nature with quality for everyone to complement family nutrition. Bali Honey pays attention to the sustainability of the beekeeping ecosystem while preserving nature. Various flowers are natural sources for Bali Honey products. Paying attention to every detail in the production process with love and responsibility. More details about us are on the About Us page.

Sertifikasi Bali Honey

Types of Flowers from Bali Honey Products

Mango Mangga Nectar Madu Honey
Multiflora wildflower nectar honey madu
Acacia Carpa Flower Nectar Honey Madu

Bali Honey Products

Quality : Super Grade-A. Certifications : Internasional ISO 9001:2015 & HALAL MUI. Choices of Nectar: Mango (Soft Sweet), Wildflower (Sweet, slightly sour), Cashew (Sweet), Acacia Carpa (Sweet and sour, dominant sour), and Grass/Sangket (Sweet, slightly sour)
Pure Raw Honey – 470 gr (Authentic Box)

Rp 150.000

Pure Raw Honey – 1,4 Kg

Rp 350.000

Pure Raw Honey – 1 Kg

Rp 250.000

Pure Raw Honey – 850 Gr

Rp 250.000

Pure Raw Honey – 750 gr

Rp 200.000

Pure Raw Honey – 470 gr

Rp 140.000

Pure Raw Honey – 440 gr

Rp 125.000

Pure Raw Honey – 310 gr

Rp 100.000

Trigona Pure Raw Honey

Rp 250.000

Pure Raw Honey – 150 gr

Rp 65.000

Bee Pollen Granule – 500 gr

Rp 200.000

Bali Honey Bee Propolis 10 ml

Rp 125.000

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