I came not to hunt honey but to look for honey hunters.

We tried buying forest honey hunted by people in Tegal Linggah Hamlet, Buleleng – Bali and it tasted really good. Unfortunately, the honey was not harvested when the honey was mature and was not packaged properly.

Bali Honey Madu Buleleng

One day they will sell honey with good standards and with much more attractive packaging, so that they sell more and increase family income, that’s what what we came for.

We listen to their experiences and complaints carefully, we share our experiences with full openness and we move towards a future plan for our progress together.

Bali Honey Madu Buleleng

That’s how Bali Honey is, wanting to always be useful to more people and continue to add brothers and sisters to every inch of this earth.

Tegallinggah Hamlet is located in the Sukasada District, Buleleng Regency, about 2.5 hours from Denpasar. The population is Hindu and Muslim living side by side in harmony.

Peternak Madu Bali Honey

Tegallinggah means a very large dry land or dry field. Starting from immigrants from Bugis and Palembang who finally landed at Happy Beach in Tukadmungga Village.

Being in Tegal Linggah Hamlet is always fun and makes you feel at home, as if we were standing several hundred meters above Singaraja City Center, so beautiful and cool. The mountain water is drinkable and feels very fresh, I brought several liters as souvenirs.

Pemburu Madu Buleleng Bali