Rp 125.000

Packaging 440 gr pure raw honey without pasteurization process so it remains rich in nutrients. Bali honey really guarantees quality as we always monitor the production process from bee health to the packaging process.

We only harvest honey with a natural moisture content below 21%.

Net Weight: 440 gr
Quality: Super Grade-A
Certification: International ISO 9001:2015
Certification: HALAL MUI

Choice of Nectar Type:
1. Mango (Sweet and soft)
2. Wildflower (Slightly sour sweet)
3. Cashew/ Cashew (Sweet)
4. Acacia Carpa (Sweet and sour, dominantly sour)
5. Grass/Sangket (Sweet, slightly sour)

Bali Honey accepts agents/resellers, minimum purchase requirement is 10 pcs with various products. Contact us.


Netto: 440 gr
Gross: 642 gr

Height: 11,5 cm
Diameter: 6,5 cm

Quantity per Box : 6 pcs
Length : 23 cm
Width : 15 cm
Height : 12 cm
Weight total : 3,9 Kg


We accept purchases in large quantities with special discounts for resale or for raw materials production. Available volume start from 7 kg, 30 kg, 60 kg or 100 kg etc. Higher volume get more discount.

We also accept B2B resellers or agents to resell Bali Honey’s products.

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