Today, endurance or body immunity is a very expensive investment and needs to be maintained 24 hours a day 7 days a week without stopping.

The disturbance of attacks by SMALL CREATURES called viruses is actually the enemy of SMALL CREATURES called bacteria.

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Madu Murni Bali Honey

The human body actually automatically has its own immune system. God created humans very perfect with all the systems and facilities.
The problem is that lifestyle, eating and drinking patterns make our body’s immunity gradually decrease and may even not be as good as before. In terms of body resistance, it could be said that ancient humans had much better immunity than the current generation. So why is that?

In the past, air pollution was still very low, food flavorings and preservatives were rarely used. In the past, plants and animals had not undergone much genetic modification or Genetically Modified Objects (GMOs), hormones to boot and so on.

In the past, to get just a little result, people had to sweat a lot because of quite hard physical work. Now just by dancing your fingers on a gadget you can get amazing results, plus you can work in a cool air-conditioned room, while sitting and snacking on food that has been flavored to make it taste delicious according to the taste we want, which is not necessarily healthy.

So sweat rarely or even doesn’t come out. And there are many more differences that make the human body’s immune system increasingly damaged and its strength is much lower than that of previous generations of humans.

Including taking drugs.
Children nowadays, even if they have the slightest headache or cold, take pills so their immune system becomes damaged because the triggers that build it up are almost non-existent.

If children in the past had colds, then fever, then at best their parents gave them galangal shallots and other herbs to warm the body and give the body’s immune system a chance to start waking up and working, starting from identifying the type of attack that is entering the body. , how to deal with it until you succeed in fighting and winning over disease disorders that enter the body.

Of course, this process takes a little longer, but the results are good and subsequently become much more resistant to similar diseases.

OK then, I want to invite all of us to always maintain our body’s nutrition so that it is always balanced. Provide good and natural intake. Don’t eat or drink anything that could add to the burden on our stomach and digestive system, poor people.

Madu Murni Bali Honey

Get enough rest, because when you rest the immune system also works optimally. Try to sweat, because the body removes residue from the body, one of the ways is through sweat.

One more thing, this is what I promised above, that starting to consume prebiotics and probiotics is a good habit, so that we are naturally healthier. Let small creatures called good bacteria help protect our bodies from attacks by enemies who are also small creatures called viruses.

When the virus in our stomach fights with probiotics, both of them melt into protein.

However, during the fight, don’t let the boxing ring break.
What I mean by the boxing ring is our stomach and digestive system. Therefore the stomach and digestive system must be strong and healthy.

Eating fresh fruit that is not too ripe is good for our stomach and consuming pure honey first thing in the morning and last thing at night will really help with nutritional intake. The properties and good components in honey which are classified as complete will be very good for supporting us in maintaining health at all times.

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