Mango trees produce flowers that grow on the branches of the tree. The size of the flowers is small, around 5 mm to 10 mm. Mango flowers are white and have a mild aroma. Mangoes have 5 flower petals.

Mango Mangga Nectar Madu Honey

Honey produced by Apis mellifera bees that are grazed around mango plantations. Honey bees suck the nectar of mango flowers so that they have the characteristic sweet aroma and taste of mango fruit.

Bees get honey from mango flowers and when bees suck honey from mango flowers, the flower pollen sticks to the bee. When the bee moves to another flower, the pollen from the mango flower attached to the bee can move to the other flower so that pollination occurs by the bee.

Benefits of Mango Flower Honey:

Increase body endurance
Eliminates nausea
Strengthens the womb of pregnant women
Increase brain intelligence
Helps heal burns