Cashew honey is produced by Mellifera bees which suck the nectar of cashew flowers. Cashew honey, which comes from the nectar of cashew flowers, produces cashew honey that is dark brown but clean.

Cashew Flower Nectar Jambu Mente Honey Madu

The taste of cashew honey is sweet and delicious, suitable for those who like sweet tastes.

Properties and benefits of Cashew Honey:
1. Increase stamina / endurance
2. Facilitate brain function.
3. Increase appetite.
4. Treating canker sores and eliminating bad breath.
5. Healthy liver.
6. Helps the child’s growth process.
7. Relieves fever, coughs and colds.
8. Treat wounds, by smearing them on the injured area.
9. Can be used as a facial mask.
10. When drunk mixed with warm water, gargled and then swallowed, it will clean the oral cavity, eliminate bad breath, soothe the throat, treat stomach problems, make the stomach comfortable and facilitate bowel movements.