The taste and fragrance of Multiflora Honey varies with each harvest because the variety of flowers at harvest time can be different. This happens because this pure honey is taken directly from the beehive and no additives are added, in contrast to factory-made honey (processed honey) which has the same taste and fragrance from time to time.

Multiflora wildflower nectar honey madu

The benefits of Multiflora Honey include:

1. Rich in vitamins and minerals
2. Strengthens the body’s immune system
3. Prevent allergy symptoms and help cure allergies
4. Has anti-bacterial substances, and works as a good healing agent. 5. Heals wounds caused by abrasions, surgery, wounds, infections, sunburn or stomach ulcers. Real honey is an antiseptic and functions to prevent the growth of bad microorganisms
5. Very good for the skin, can cure acne and prevent premature aging
helps cure coughs and also relieves sore throats. Scientifically it has been proven that real honey helps cure upper respiratory tract infections
6. Improves the body’s digestive health and prevents digestive disorders
improve kidney function