Honey from calliandra flowers has a very unique character and is a favorite of honey connoisseurs. Its unusual color, bright greenish yellow, makes many people curious.

Nektar Bunga Kaliandra

The character of the honey tends to be sparkling and light bodied with a moderate level of sweetness making this honey perfect as an ingredient in tropical infused water honey drinks. It is not surprising that calliadra flower honey is classified as the best-selling honey and runs out quickly.

Calliandra plants usually grow at higher and cooler altitudes so the honey produced is thinner. The high natural glucose content makes this honey crystallize more quickly, so honey from calliandra flower nectar is claimed to be the most appropriate for making clover honey.

The most popular benefits of honey from calliandra flower nectar are believed to increase hormone productivity, help the pregnancy process and fertilize the womb. Neutralizes low or high blood pressure and helps overcome rheumatism.