Maschosma polystachum or Sangket, if we know its benefits and properties, we certainly won’t waste it, it is often considered a wild grass that usually grows on the edges of walls, on riverbanks, in fields alongside wild grasses.

Nektar Bunga Sangket

Characteristic stems are square and upright with a height of 80 cm. The leaves are triangular in shape. Usually grows in clusters. In fact, it is a miracle drug that grows and is so close to us as an efficacious natural medicine:

Effectively reduces heat/fever in children. To do this, take the sangket plant along with its leaves and stems. Wash clean then squeeze. Mixed with eucalyptus oil. Apply it to your child’s body. This will undoubtedly lower his body temperature.

If your toddler is often surprised and confused. Sangket is effective as a sedative if this therapy is done regularly. The method is to clean the leaves and stems of the sangket, then squeeze them and put them in warm water. Use when bathing for your toddler.

In adults, the sangket plant can relieve migraine pain. The method is to clean a handful of sangket leaves then put them in warm water. Use for bathing. This method can be used as therapy to reduce our stress.

The hope is that we know the benefits. We will protect the sangket plant so that its increasingly threatened habitat does not become extinct. Also, beekeepers like the Bali Honey team can enjoy the preservation of the sangket plant, which produces a lot of honey from its flower nectar.

The honey produced from the nectar of sangket flowers has a full bodied character, the taste is not very sweet but very tasty with a distinctive grassy aroma in a bright golden color with a water content of around 18% – 20.2% at harvest age of 15 – 19 days.