Did you know that beehives or honeycomb can also be consumed? Even though it is not as popular as honey, it turns out that the benefits of honeycomb are no less important for health, especially in maintaining the body’s immune system.

What is honeycomb and how is it different from honey?

Honeycomb is a part of a beehive that is shaped in cross-section with cells in a hexagonal pattern. Honeycomb is made by bees using honey sap. It has very little water content, different from honey in general, so it looks denser and has a lot of sap. Honeycomb also contains pure honey in each cell, which is not touched by human intervention when collecting and processing honey.

While honey is only used as a sweetener, honeycomb can be a food ingredient with a sweet taste, but tends to be safe for dental and oral health. The honey sap in honeycomb also contains vitamins A and C which are good for the skin so it can be used as an ingredient in creams and soaps.

Nutrient content in honeycomb

Honeycomb contains around 391 calories per 100 grams, and contains unsaturated fats which are good for health. The largest nutritional content of honeycomb is sodium (563 milligrams) and minerals such as potassium (115 milligrams) with total carbohydrates of around 89 grams. Apart from that, honeycomb also contains a small amount of dietary fiber and protein, 3 grams each.

Even though it is consumed together with honey, honeycomb basically has less amount and type of nutritional content. Honey and honey sap have more calories, sugar, vitamins and minerals such as calcium and iron but are lower in sodium when compared to honeycomb. Both honey and honeycomb do not contain saturated fat and trans fat so there are no calories from fat.

Benefits of honeycomb for health

Here are some benefits that can be obtained when consuming honeycomb:
Accelerates wound healing – the pure honey contained in honeycomb is rich in vitamins and the mineral potassium which is useful for repairing damaged cells and speeding up healing. Apart from that, honey has natural anti-microbial substances which are useful for preventing infection.

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