“Original Balinese Honey”. Yes, that’s what the Balinese people say. This honey is known as Kele-Kele or Klanceng Honey. But we also call it trigona honey. Because this honey is produced by the Itama type of trigona bee. This bee is different because it does not have a sting.

Madu Kele Klaceng Bali Trigona

Laboratory test results show that trigona honey contains phytochemicals, organic acids and gluconic acid which are rarely found in other types of honey. This honey is also naturally rich in propolis. According to some people, trigona honey can be an “energy booster” for busy activities.

Trigona Bali Honey is packaged in 350 gram bottles. You can start to feel the benefits around 3-6 hours after consumption. Are you curious?…Just give it a try!